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Same story continues with the Identiy Safe and the mail scan. The Norton website says that the Identity Safe supports Chrome (not tested), the Interface only shows me options for the Internet Explorer. Hello? Firefox anyone? After checking my addon list in Firefox I found the problem: They install a plugin, but it isn’t compatible with Firefox 7.0.1. Also, I do NOT trust a software that saves my CreditCard information, along with logins and passwords to the cloud, even if it would make my life a bit easyer because of the sync feature. The mail scan only showed options for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, I did not even bother checking if it can tap into Thunderbird. Also, shouldn’t it scan Windows Live Mail instead of Outlook Express? Just a thought. Also, when configuring mail scanning the software offers a GUI to select the ports for SMTP and POP, but when I tried to change SMTP scanning to port 993, I was greeted with an error telling me that is no standard port for SMTP. Well yea, it is used for TLS, but what if I realy have unencrypted SMTP traffic over that port? Apparently, Norton decided this is not possible.

The firewall is also rather strange. It is set up to auto learn about programs, but during all my testing, it never blocked a single program or asked if I want a program to connect to the internet. So, without granting access I could for example use SSH, Firefox, Skype, Pidgin, Thunderbird, Windows Explorer with remote shares etc. The list goes on and on, but I never was promted for permission. In fact, I am not sure if the firewall actually does anything at all agains outgoing traffic with the default settings.

The Interface itself is also not optimal. It has fancy animations and a truckload of buttons and links and requires a lot of searching reading and clicking around to find a specific setting. Most settings end up in a link that opens a new window. It is simply not possible to quickly check any setting with this, and some windows that pop up only offer 2 settings – why this cannot be handled in the main window is beyond me.

Conclusion: I like the fact that they include tracking cookies in the scan and some of the features realy have potential but still lack support for quite a few important clients. I absolutely hate the fact that the software seems to save everything it can in the cloud, especially Login and Credit Card information and that the standard settings for the firewall seem to do nothing. If those things are fixed, I might consider reinstalling the product, but until then I will stay away from this.

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  2. don wonnell:

    Trying to renew Norton 360 at least 5 times over 2 months, get the invoice ready online, then it freezes. Contacted “Nathan” several times, nothing works.

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