Bash script to migrate from SVN to git

At work we took the decision to switch from the good old SVN to git. To ease all the work, I wrote a small bash script that takes 2 arguments, the SVN repository name and the git repository name and moves your code cleanly to git.

It also requires a file users.txt that is located in the same folder as the script which has the following layout (1 user per line).

meredrica = Florian Westreicher

The file is needed to map the SVN users (meredrica in this case) to the git users.

And finally, here’s the script. Make sure you change the svn/git urls before running it.




mkdir temp

cd temp

/usr/bin/git svn init http://localhost/svn/$PROJECT --no-metadata

/usr/bin/git config svn.authorsfile ../users.txt

/usr/bin/git svn fetch

cd ..

mkdir $PROJECT

/usr/bin/git clone temp $PROJECT

rm -rf temp


/usr/bin/git push ssh://git@localhost/$GIT.git master

exit 0

Thanks go to Jon Maddox for his guide over at his blog

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